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Technologies in modern art  

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The digital revolution, which has captured the entire society since the second half of the twentieth century, has also touched the world of art, having a huge impact on its formation and development. The interaction of technology and art has taken place throughout the history of human development. The technology in this alliance was predominantly of an applied nature, remained a mediator between the artist's Idea and its material embodiment.
According to the conclusion of researchers of the problem of interaction between art and technology, at the present time, there is more and more inconsistency in the relationship between the fields of art and the world of technology. Obviously, over the past two decades, we have been experiencing one of the fundamental changes. If we consider the prospects of using technology to create new forms of art, then the progress in computer technology offers much more opportunities even compared to such revolutionary events as the invention of photography or cinema. helps to increase the number of instagram followers.

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