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When Women Do The Gaming
Many PUAs don't realize this, but there are certain situations when you shouldn't be running game. Running game in these situations will almost ALWAYS get you classified as desperate, or won't do more than get you instantly rejected by women. What types of situations? Not so anonymous social situations. What are two examples? A small house party among friends (not too many random people) or classes in school.

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In these situations, you just have to let the woman choose you. I have NEVER seen a guy pick up a girl at a small party among friends or in the classroom unless the girl has clearly chosen him first. When you're talking about closed social groups where people are familiar with each other, the women pretty much know which men that they want and will clearly flirt with, or approach them. In more anonymous situations, British women may not have the time or the attention to focus on every guy, so you have to approach and run game.

However, in closed group situations, where the people aren't so anonymous, the women have the time to anaylyze their options, and will choose a guy. In other words, they will already know who they want, and gaming them isn't going to make much of a difference. If women have a feel for your personality, then gaming won't help you. They already know who you are, and gaming them isn't going to change their mind about you.

If you can't game UK women in these not so anonymous situations, then what can you do? These are situations when you simply have to be an attractive guy. This means that you can't rely on game or routines to win the hearts of women. Why not? Because they have the time to anaylyze your entire personality. In other words, you have to work on long term improvement; things that are more concrete.

But what about gaming these women right away? They will almost always choose to look at their options first simply because they know that they have the time to look at each and every one of them. They're going to get the 411 on you from friends that you have in common, they're going to see how you interact with others, they're going to try to get a feel for where you stand in the male hierarchy, and unless you're extremely physically attractive, they're going to try to get a real feel for your personality.

In anonymous situations, you have to go after the women, but in not so anonymous situations, you have to let the women come to you. In anonymous situations, you have to grab a woman's attention because she only has so much time to form an opinion about the numerous men, so you just gotta get in there and make sure you gt noticed. But in not so anonymous situations, women will want to take their time looking at all of their possible options, and once they've made up thier minds, they will pursue the guy that they chose.

Trying to game these UK women in not so anonymous situations beforehand, will only work against you, as it might make you look desperate and impatient. Just talk to them, let them get a feel for who you are, and then let them game you. UK women may say that they don't like to game men, but in these not so anonymous situations, they like to choose the men they want, and game them.

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