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Best Dota 2 Players Of 2021
In this new TI7 season, we will be seeing some exciting updates to some of the most popular modes in Dota 2, most notably the All-Stars Challenge. After a year and a half of development, Valve has finally introduced the all-new DTS (Dota 2 Training) modes to give new players an experience beyond the basics of the game. Now, every player can choose from literally hundreds of different heroes to play against opponents in a set rotation that showcases the best of the heroes currently available in the game. This allows us to explore the viability of each hero and determine which ones are best for specific situations. For instance, one may find it more useful to play a Tinker or Nature's Prophet against a lineup featuring a Centaur Warlock and a Lancer; or maybe a Brewmaster and a Tinker are much stronger against a lineup featuring a Razorback and a Puggy dota 2 boosting.
Fortunately, during this new TI7, Valve has also introduced an updated hero selection format for the new patches to come. First, a rather drastic change in the hero choice system for the primary 25 games. The "Draft" mode would be limited to the first 20 best heroes on the server for everyone. Once chosen, each player could have up to two ban cycles against their opponent before their first ban is expiring; during these bans, only specific types of units/heroes/enchants/items may be used by the dota 2 mmr.
Secondly, there is a re-hauled version of one of the most used heroes in pubs: the Ranged Agility. With a basic attack speed of 4.5, the newly added Agility stat will allow any carry to quickly get kills and towers in a position that would normally be out of reach. Additionally, this hero's passive movement speed increase will allow for greater control over creeps. This ability combined with his high base intelligence will allow his team to maintain vision over nearly the entire map, using this to their advantage and denying enemies escape routes. In addition, his anti-units abilities will greatly increase his ability to dominate in team fights as his ability to easily escape death will put any opponents at a significant disadvantage. All of these advantages make the Broodmother, the new Dota 2 best heroes, a dominant force on the competitive scene.
An often overlooked aspect of heroes in Dota 2 is the support role. In pubs where cores are more or less ineffective, cheap dota 2 boosting support heroes are often used as a last resort in situations where the carries are not doing well or if the opposing team has one hero that can one-shot the carries. There are a few ways to play as a support. First off, a support hero's biggest strength is their ability to stop the opposition from doing as much damage as possible to their own heroes and buildings. In addition to this, they often have strong initiation and disabling skills to disrupt attacks and push objectives.
One interesting aspect of the new heroes in Dota 2 is the Vengeful Spirit. The primary function of the Vengeful Spirit is to disrupt and inflict massive amounts of damage upon creeps and enemy heroes while leaving the carries with just enough health to withstand their own attacks. As you can imagine, this makes the Vengeful Spirit one of the more difficult heroes to play against in a pub game since you can easily get two big heals, one for yourself and one for your carry, quickly dash into battle, and then just sit back and take out the creeps as fast as possible, which is not always the most effective approach. However, when used in combination with a core that focuses on disabling and debugging their enemies, the Vengeful Spirit becomes extremely effective mmr boost.
Finally, we have the Bristleback. The Bristleback is the quintessential pub hero in pubs because of his strong early-game presence and ability to survive against almost any carry in the game. However, because he relies heavily on attack speed and agility, his position on the team often comes down to whether or not his ranged opponents can outrange him or not. In pubs, players are usually very skilled at counter-balancing the opposing teams so that the bruiser can effectively deal out good damage without taking too much unnecessary damage himself.
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