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Best Safelane Heroes in Dota 2
I'm going to reveal the best safelane heroes in Dota 2 for you. I have done this for every major role in the game and I've listed the best heroes for each one. These are not my favorite or the best in the meta, but rather a reliable option for when you need a little extra healing or some armor with your abilities. I hope that this can help you with picking the best carry in the mmr booster dota 2.
A carry is a typical Support player. He can heal and provide buffs to his team. There aren't many carries right now that are very good at either of these things, and I don't think there's ever been a support that is really good at both. So you'll likely have to try a few before finding one that works well.
Lifestealer is a very good choice if you want to be a good carry. You're able to heal and still get damage, making it a versatile choice. Unfortunately he is very squishy and you usually won't be able to kill him very easily. A good jungler will be able to come in and just kite him back while he recovers. A good combo with a decent leash will also be very hard to catch up to dota 2 boosting.
Medusa is a great hero to counter other carries. She is difficult to kill because of her passive aura and high mobility. However, she has no ability to attack air units and relies on her shields to save herself. Very few heroes have ways to out health a Medusa. If you play against her, be sure to put your creeps as close to her as possible.
Tidehunter is probably one of the best carries in the game. There aren't too many ways to outmatch him as a carry, as Tide can easily take over a game by himself. His ability to just keep on taking over the creeps and healing himself can be very effective when playing against Tide.
Outworld is a really strong hero. He is a lot more flexible than some other heroes, being able to get anywhere and do anything. However, he lacks any sort of attack speed or damage. He also has a really weak ranged attack. He is best played in the offlane where his abilities are really useful for ganking the bottom dota 2 mmr boost.
Anti-mage is probably the best pure spell casting hero in the game. He can really save your life if he gets disassembled by a Tinker or some other unit. It's important to group up creeps when going into enemy territory so that you can be safe from his silence spells. Also, make sure not to use your own silence spells on creeps.
There are some other heroes that are a bit stronger in pubs than they are in the main leagues. Monkey should maybe be played more as a support rather than a primary carry. Clockwerk and Necrophagia are great carries, but they lack the flexibility that the other heroes have. If you want to be the best carry in the game, then these are the heroes to go for. The most important thing is to practice playing every one of these heroes so that you can become comfortable with them.
Anti-mage is probably the best offline in the game. A good offline is very valuable in the pub scene. His skills are really versatile. Some people might consider getting a Night Elf on their team, but I feel this is an option for pubs only. Human can still do fine as a support mmr boost.
Drow is a good offline. However, he does not really fit into the 'offlane' role. If you are looking for a strong solo hero, then you will find it with the other offlaners mentioned above. Human can still be a strong carry, but I don't think he is anywhere near as good as the other two.
Last, but not least, is the Ancient One. This is probably the most powerful hero in the game. An seo agency helps us to write content. He is a pure strength hero, capable of dealing out a lot of damage in just a short amount of time. You can't let him get away. You have to control the early game. The Ancient Ones are definitely the best safelane heroes in the game.

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