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Best Offlane Hero in Dota 2
The offline hero in Dota 2 is the backbone of the early to mid game push. When you are pushing a point, pushing with your offline hero can often mean the difference between winning or losing that point. Many players will try their hardest to get the edge on their opponent, but when push comes to shove, who wants to go into battle with an enemy you are not prepared for? A good offline hero has the ability to get in range of the enemy and then counterpush safely back to safety. It takes practice, and a bit of reading to become good at this hero position, but it can be one of the most rewarding positions in the game. Let's take a look at some tips on playing the offline hero mmr boost.
creeps come in bunches and can easily lead the way if they are pushed to the edge of the creeps' path. Knowing how to control the creeps and bait them into an opportunity to be successful is a very important aspect of playing the offline. There are three major lanes that all heroes can join and knowing how to effectively use these lanes is very important for success.
The middle lane is usually the safest lane to be in, as it has the least amount of creeps. There are two major camps at the middle of the map that are very useful for farming. The camp at the bottom of the ramp is the primary farming spot, while the Radiant creeps at the top of the ramp can be used for denying entry to the Radiant side creeps. The offline is not as safe as the middle lane, but it can still net you some decent farm if used correctly.
The Radiant offline hero is extremely strong at pushing the creeps towards the middle of the map. There are four primary creeps that you can push, allowing you to build up large health quickly. It is a good idea to take the middle of the creeps when pushing, to maximize on both XP and Gold earning potential. As the offline hero, you have a lot less freedom to dota 2 boost.
The offlane position is often used by supports. There are some heroes that are better at this position than others, but it is a position that requires some practice to get perfect. The position requires a lot of patience, as you must ensure that you do not die before the creeps get to where you want them to go. If you manage to draw some creeps to fight from the side, it can be very punishing if the enemy team manages to kill you first.
A support offline hero needs to have the ability to survive. They will often be under heavy attack from the offline creeps, as they are less mobile than the main creeps. A support will need to make sure that they have either a disable or a stun for when they are picked off by the offlaners. An effective strategy for a support offline player is to have a stun/disruptor/speedup combination to keep the enemy heroes busy long enough for the support to get in and start healing or using their cheap dota 2 boosting.
A carry position can sometimes be the best position to play. These heroes are able to easily get into the battle with their powerful burst damage abilities and can often secure kills before the other players even get onto the field. The offlane position is often the first pick in most situations, so players looking for good carries are encouraged to play this position. Playing a carry position requires a good amount of practice to get perfect, as you will often have to carry your team around until you can get a good position.
So, which is the best offline hero in Dota 2? The answer is...not dota 2 boosting. Every hero has his/her strengths and weaknesses, and it is important to understand them and choose your hero according to which ability is best at using that to get the most kills and towers. The best way to learn about the various heroes is simply to try them out in the lower levels. A lot of players like to split the hero load and play two different offline heroes at the same time, or split the hero pool between two separate accounts so that they can practice the various heroes in each position without affecting the other accounts!
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